The SUPINFO Gouda Campus: an environment built for success

In the up and coming Goudse Poort area, the city of Gouda and SUPINFO are developing a state-of-the-art campus. An inspiring environment for students, teachers and corporate partners to meet and exchange ideas. An environment built for success.

Gouda, IT Capital of the Netherlands

There were multiple reasons for SUPINFO to choose Gouda as the hometown for its new campus. Thanks to its excellent IT infrastructure and convenient location, the city is home to a significant number of technology companies. Gouda is already the hub of regional IT educational initiatives, such as the CIV Smart Technology platform that features innovation labs where students engage with companies to solve real world problems.

On top of that, Gouda is a vibrant city that offers an attractive place for aspiring IT professionals to come study and build their network, as well as have fun and enjoy the city.

Location & surroundings

Gouda is located the ‘Green Heart of Holland’, an oasis of nature and historic landscape perfect for cycling, running and recreation.

Thanks to excellent transport connections, including an intercity train station, Gouda is only 20 minutes of traveling from Rotterdam, Utrecht and The Hague and just 45 minutes to Amsterdam and Schiphol Airport.


Besides the SUPINFO Campus, Gouda has multiple study facilities. In particular, the public library, located in the multi-purpose Chocolate Factory building, offers a great place for studying and working with fellow students.

Recreation & nightlife

Gouda’s chief attraction is probably its beautiful historic city centre, which was awarded ‘Best Inner City’ of the Netherlands in 2015. Tourists from all over the world come to visit the famous cheese market. But Gouda has much more to offer.

With its ultramodern cinema, numerous cafes, bars, theatres, restaurants and clubs, Gouda is the perfect place to let your hair down after a hard day of studying. Whether you are into culture, film, music or just a night out with friends.


Looking for some physical activity to stay fit and energized? Gouda has vibrant clubs and facilities for every major sport, including football, hockey, baseball, rowing, rugby and swimming.