Guaranteed Employment

A study should be an investment in your future. SUPINFO delivers on this investment directly, by offering guaranteed employment to all graduates. Not just by covering crucial skills and expertise in our curriculum, but also by our extensive corporate network.

Corporate Partnerships

Our network of global and local corporate partners is the key asset to our university and opens unique opportunities for our students. We actively involve our partners in the development of our curriculum and have them provide ongoing input through the university advisory board.

Buddy system

At SUPINFO, building your personal and professional network is as much part of your studies as the curriculum itself. By assigning a personal buddy to each student, SUPINFO enhances the building of relationships and the transfer of knowledge and skills. Up to three years after graduation.

Universal Curriculum

Study each semester in another country!

Each SUPINFO campus around the world runs the same universal curriculum*. This means you can study each year or semester at any SUPINFO campus, and still follow the same course and take your exams.
*With some adjustments in China.

Competitive tuition fees

Up to 50% less than comparable BSc and MSc studies.

Summer Schools

Discover the world and launch your international career with SUPINFO Summer Schools! In a 1-month programme, you boost your academic skills, learn a new language, and expand your cultural horizons and career opportunities.

Check the graphic to see all the Summer School destinations: